The neoliberal era is ending. What comes next?

I loved this article – it re-assured me that I’m not an idiot. It is difficult for ordinary thickos like me to have any real opinion about such lofty things as ideology and socio-economic issues. There is always someone out there, like a lion on the night time savannah, just waiting to sink his or her teeth into your neck with the words ‘I don’t think it’s quite as simple as that Nick’.

However the same people are often all too quick to use the simplification argument on me too… if you start talking socialism, you’re immediately championing Stalin’s Russia, or bring up green issues to receive a nasal snort and a ‘we’d all love to save the planet but…’

This article by Rutger Bregman gives me a great deal of hope for the future, and explains things far better than I ever could (apologies you have to cut and paste the link!)…