POEM - Rely On YOU.

When times are tough,

Life is rough and things go badly,

If we respond with panic and stuff,

The result can only be more pain... sadly.


We put such stock in a thing called money,

And yes without, it is a struggle.

Life’s quest for cash is pretty funny -

When all is done, it leaves but rubble.


Time is short and life is sweet,

But all those voices with vested interest

Shout and spout and rage and tweet.

To absorb their shit just leaves us listless.


So when you wake, embrace the day!

Leave the news and leave the babble.

Leave the gadgets where they lay,

Step outside, take time. Forget the rabble.


Yes, this won’t put food on table,

But to worry about what can’t be helped

Will torture us... our minds disable.

Rely on YOU, and your pain will melt.