POEM - Cloud Nine

A New Poem

Cloud Nine

Disappointment comes to me

And I to it.

Eight clouds pass so fast

As I topple from my perch,

And tumble toward the earth.

Terra nova is where I sit.

Dusting down in desperation

My eyes ferret for some shelter.

A home that I can call my own.

What alley can I roam?

This new ground offers no path,

No wall to place my hands.

I stand up quick, and run around.

Then I sit and menace the ground,

Until a rope breaks my shroud

Taking it, I climb up to the cloud.

I stand and feel my pride.

Looking up, I see my goal,

I scramble and fight,

So satisfied, upon the next

Billowing carpet of haze.

Upon this point I know no bounds,

I strive and jostle and thrive until

I find myself aloft the ninth.

But this cloud is fearfully small,

I am always haunted by so large a fall.