Book Blog: The American War By Omar El Akkad

I know everyone will be in the mood for apocalyptic storylines and doomsday scenarios right now so... I loved The American War it is beautifully imagined yet chilling and engrossing. Too believable and told in a manner that the horror sneaks up on you like real experiences. Sarat is a leader, a hero with an all too realistic vulnerability in the face of power.

Also I’m currently reading ‘The Shortest History of Germany’ by James Hawes (a great read by the way), and when you consider that the European states have evolved, expanded and retracted over 20 centuries, the United States in comparison is just a baby with major cultural and political divisions...only time will tell how prescient Omar El Akkad’s vision will be...dun dun dah!

If you liked Station Eleven and The Last, you’ll like The American War.