POEM - The Nurse

Like every morning bright, she wakes for work

But this is not the normal Hell, not like the others.

She will face fear most will never know, she will not shirk.

Helplessness will torture her. And those sisters and brothers

Who cannot hold their fathers hand, or see their mothers.


She greets her colleagues with love and strength

Ignoring their jangling nerves and fearful eyes.

Burying her own terror, she supports. At arm’s length.

Knowing nothing of the days ahead, the hellish reprise.

All she wants is to curl up, take comfort in her cries.


But that is not an option for those like her.

She must face the enemy without a gun,

Without Kevlar or helmet. She must focus the blur

And after a lifetime caring and saving undone,

She must watch them go without the loving touch, not one.