A Little Poem

A little poem I wrote when I was 15.

Thought I’d share a little poem…

The sweet serenade of summer outside

And the noise of happiness to come

Shouts down the line from my friends.

The elation of my relations below

Fills my mind with gentle thoughts.

Until I ruminate within my soul,

That Hellish cyclone within

And I feel my life to fall

Into the darkest chasm

In which my blessed thoughts do burn.

Ooof that’s heavy… I wrote this poem in 1991 when I was 15 and yes I was probably listening to too much Fields of the Nephilim but those feelings must have been intense. If I thought my children were feeling that way I would be sad.

The world today moves at a faster pace and (potentially) more anxiety ridden for young people, but there are tools out there to give them more support and control over their wellbeing.

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Whatever your age, please check out the app, just search for “iamme” on the app store or googleplay and follow @iammeglobal on Instagram for updates on new content and functionality, the website address is: www.iammeapp.com If it’s not for you,tell someone about it! It’s free, interesting, completely private, and just a brilliant comforting thing to have to hand when ‘Five Minute Crafts’ are melting your brain or your gazillion whatsapp messages are bringing you out in cold sweats!